Carmine Appice, Bill Pascali, and Tim

In the dressing room waiting to go on
 at Westbury Music Fair, August 1999

...from Tim's Scrapbook

  • On Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at high noon, nine legendary bass players, including Tim Bogert, were inducted into Hollywood's RockWalk of Fame !

  • In December 1999, Tim reunited with pal Carmine Appice! This time they toured Japan with Japanese guitarist sensation Char! From BBA to CBA. Let's see, next is "D"BA? Let's see who the Bogert/Appice rhythm section can power up next!



1999 - Tim reunited with old buddy Carmine Appice to join with Japanese guitar sensation Char. The result was a December 1999 tour of Japan and Live CD(CBA Live released only in Japan) by Char, Bogert, Appice. As Char has been noted to be the Japanese Jeff Beck, it's no wonder they played and recorded tunes such as BBA's Lady and Satisfied. Let's not forget Cactus either as there were great versions of Parchman Farm and Evil with Tim handling the lead vocal.

Andreas Hedler from Germany reports he has found a web site that is carrying and selling CBA! He has ordered the CD, and it's a little expensive, but I can tell you it's worth it! PLEASE NOTE that at this time, we cannot verify the availability of the CD or the reliablility of this link. We've asked Andreas to let me know if he receives his CD, and we'll let you know.... Stay tuned!!!!

Order here... search "CBA"

Special Quote!

From legendary bassist...

Billy Sheehan!

in the December 2000 issue of:
Bass Player


"I've said many times (and will say many times again): Timmy was my biggest influence. He's also one of the first and best in many categories. The first Vanilla Fudge album (Vanilla Fudge 1967) was one of the biggest bass breakthroughs of all time. Check out the bass solo on "Take Me for a Little While". Tim creates never-before-heard grooves and moods, and he sings his ass off too. In an amazing solo on "Break Song" (Near the Beginning) a string off the side of the fingerboard and taps on the frets- the first person I know of to do that. And yes, the album's opening distorted tone is his bass.

At one of my first bass clinics, at Musician's Institute in Hollywood in '85, I looked out from the stage and sawTim sitting in the front row. I was so freaked out I had to stop and acknowledge the man I stole so much from. The audience gave him a huge ovation, and I went on to explain a technique I got rom him. I thought it was unamed, but Time yelled out "It's called 'raking,'" and we all had a good laugh. On top of being a landmark player Tim is also a wonderful human being whom I'm privileged and honored to know."


Billy Sheehan
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Webmaster's Note - Tim and Billy, along with seven other bass legends were inducted together into the Hollywood RockWalk of fame in January 1999. And- as a bass player myself, I am proud that I can reiterate Billy's first statement; and as Tim's webmaster, the last statement in Billy's quote. Thank you for the privilege of doing this web site Tim!


The 1973 album Beck, Bogert, Appice has recently been Gold !

Rod Stewart's 1980 album Foolish Behavior, that Tim played on, has been certified Gold !